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11 Chestnut Street, Marblehead, MA  01945
781-631-LEAF (5323)
Clutter and furniture blocked the main selling feature--the fireplace!

After--Sold in a week!
Less is more! Cleared out and set up for showing-- buyers eyes go directly to the fireplace.
After--Sold 3 days after staging!
The office (and clutter!) was relocated to another room, and the space was staged clearly as a living room. This made the home flow better and feel larger. It became a warm and inviting entertaining space. The young couple who made an offer days later obviously agreed!

 This livingroom confused buyers because it was set up as a music studio/office. It should have been presented as the main entertaining area. Instead, this set-up made  this small antique feel even smaller.
Cold, sterile and drab. On the market for 8 months with little activity and no interest. Nothing highlights the room's selling features. Buyers can't make an emotional connection.

After--Sold 3 weeks after staging!
The room comes alive with color and furniture, brought in from other parts of the home! Removing the plain area rug makes the gleaming hardwood floors stand out. Now buyers can picture themselves living in this lovely home.
Staging Portfolio
 These sellers wanted to make sure their properties stood out from others on the market and got the offers. In this market, listings really need to feel special to grab buyers. Let us show you how staging can make all the difference for your property!
From drab...
After--Sold after one showing! FAB! And under agreement!
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